We aim to provide a well-managed facility for the study of the
flora and fauna of Buffelskloof Nature Reserve and the
surrounding regions, and to stimulate and encourage the
study of biological sciences among tertiary students and
secondary scholars.


  • Jennifer Oppenheimer
    "Your willingness to share your experience and knowledge along with your supportive enthusiasm of our exploratory efforts was encouraging. It is clear to see why Buffelskloof is regarded as one of the country's exemplar herbarium facilities and we had the privilege to see it for ourselves."
  • Elsa Pooley
    Botanical Artist
    "This is the best destination for plant – or any (natural history) people! Thank you Sandie, John & Barbara for your wonderful hosting of this CREW Summer Rainfall Workshop - & to the Rae family who shared the vision for this excellent research facility, and with the Burrows, made it happen."
  • Jan Wieringa
    Naturalis Biodiversity Centre, Leiden, Netherlands
    Jan 2014
    "Five great days in this excellent nature reserve. We enjoyed great hospitality, saw fascinating new plant species in interesting, somewhat unfamiliar (to us) habitats. The advice and assistance of our knowledgeable hosts was much appreciated."
  • Tanya Hattingh
    MSc Archaeology student, University of the Witwatersrand
    June 2014
    Amazing archaeological sites and the indigenous forests are beautiful.
  • Mudau Ndivhuho
    MSc  student, University of Johannesburg
    December 2013
    I would like to thank the entire BNR staff for the outstanding services that they provided to me. This is really a better learning environment and I think that every person under the natural science field (particularly botany and environmental sciences) would love to work in this area. Hope we will meet again.
  • Dorcas Lekganyane
    Honours student,
    University of Johannesburg
    First time in an Afromontane forest; loved the super fresh water and the exceptional company and the view.
  • Prof. Alvaro Viljoen
    Tshwane University of Technology
    March 2016
    This has to be the ‘type-locality’ for having a great time! Botany 10/10; surroundings 10/10; accommodation 10/10; hospitality 10+/10.
  • Luke Verburgt
    Enviro-Insight, Pretoria
    July 2016
    What an exceptional place! We are very grateful for the wonderful hospitality and excellent discussions. We hope the observations we made and photographs we’ll be donating will be put to good use in raising awareness for this place and helping with the conservation thereof. Looking forward to our return.
  • Hermenegildo Matimele
    LMA Herbarium
    Maputo, Mozambique
    Thank you for your patience with us and for your hospitality and enthusiasm. You got a lovely place that we wish to be again. At the end, we don’t have words to describe what you did for us!
  • Tania Bird & Gal Kagan
    October 2016
    What a fabulous experience and the best research facilities I’ve ever been in the world – and that’s even without the view! Amazing diversity of habitats and fauna and really a special conservation model to be treasured. Thanks again for an amazing welcoming visit. We hope to come again.
  • Profs Amos Bouskila & Merav Bouskila
    Ben-Gurion University, Israel
    October 2016
    We are really glad to have had the opportunity to get to know the Reserve, its amazing scenery and rich wildlife. Joining Adriaan Jordaan, (MSc student) basing his studies at Buffelskloof Nature Reserve on the ecology of Berg Adders in his research was inspiring and it’s great that researchers have this wonderful facility as [a] research base. No other research facility that I have visited in the world rivalled this one, and the hospitality of John, Sandie and Barbara. Will have to come again, and then plan to see also the herbarium.
  • Iain Darbyshire
    Red Listing, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
    May 2016
    Great to finally visit Buffelskloof! Thanks so much to John, Barbara and Sandie for your warm hospitality. I love the herbarium and enjoyed seeing your Acanth. Collection. The red-listing workshop was great.
  • Simon Milne
    Regius Keeper, Royal Botanic Garden
    Edinburgh, Scotland
    An inspirational, educational and highly enjoyable visit – what a resource for learning, research and conservation! Congratulations to John and Sandie and the team for all that is being achieved; I look forward to returning.
  • Merle Galbany & Sebastian Arrabal
    Institut Botanic de Barcelona, Spain
    February 2007
    Thanks for a lovely time in Buffelskloof! And for sharing your huge knowledge in your loved Helichrysum, and, of course, for your kindness!!! We hope to visit you soon!
  • Liudmila Ozerova
    Main Botanical garden RAS, Moscow
    April 2015
    Very fantastic place for botanics! Thank you for new knowledge of plants! From Russia with love.
  • Stephen Boatwright
    Senior Lecturer, Biodiversity & Conservation Biology, University of Western Cape
    January 2018
    A lovely stay as always. What a fantastic place. The herbarium is such a valuable resource as well! Thank You!
  • Adriaan Jordaan
    MSc student, University of the Free State
    July 2016
    Such a fantastic place to do research, thank you so much for a fantastic time at BKNR. Can’t wait to come back!!
  • Monique Botha & Bernard Olivier
    Post-Grad Students, Univeristy of Pretoria
    March 2018
    Always such a pleasure to work in such an incredible place with such amazing people. We will never grow tired of this special kloof with all its treasures. See you again soon!
  • Dr Rose Marks
    Michigan State University, USA
    Nov-Dec 2019
    This place is so special. It has truly stolen my heart. Thank you for your vision, commitment and generosity. This isn’t the last you will see of me!
  • Drs Julieta Rosell Garcia & Mark Olson
    National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico City. December 2019
    Wonderful stay, great plants, lovely landscape, amazing people, incredible facilities – thank you for everything!!
  • Dr Ian Medeiros
    College of the Atlantic Bar Harbour, USA
    February 2016
    What a wonderful place! I look forward to identifying (and hopefully describing) all the lichens I've collected over the past two days.  Thank you for your hospitality; I'll be back as soon as I can!
The Buffelskloof Field Station is open only to approved researchers, students and citizen science groups.
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